Additional Theoretical Knowledge Course For HPA Aeroplanes (VFR and LFR)

High Performance Aeroplane course (H.P.A) is a necessary additional course to comply with the prerequisites in order to perform a H.P.A class rating. This course is only based on theoretical knowledge and obtained by compliance of a course at an ATO.
Theoretical Knowledge Course For HPA Aeroplanes, VFR and LFR

Course Overview: 

1. Alternate current (1h25) 
2. Pressurization (1h10) 
3. Piston Engine (0h55) 
4. Turbine Engine (1h40) 
5. Oxygen (0h30) 
6. Aerodynamic principles (2h30) 
7. Radar (1h30) 
8. Human (physiologic) Factors (1h10) 
9. Meteorology (1h35) 
10. Performances (0h40) 
11. Instrument (0h20) 
12. Alerts and Warnings (0h40) 
13. Navigation (0h40)

The aim of the theoretical knowledge course is to provide the applicant with sufficient knowledge of those aspects of the operation o aeroplanes capable of operating at high speeds and altitudes, and the aircraft systems necessary for such operation.