B737 300-900 Multipilot Type Rating Course Combined With MCC (A)

This course is designed to provide the essential knowledge and enhance the skills of candidates who wish to obtain their type rating on the B737. After completing this course, a student shall be able to have a complete mastery of the aircraft, by comfortably being able to maneuver, follow procedures, and make educated decisions.
Boeing 737 300-900 TYPE RATING WITH integrated MCC

Entry Requirements for B737 300-900 Type Rating with MCC:

  • 70 hours as PIC (Pilot in command)
  • Frozen ATPL
  • ME-IR (Multi Engine - Instrument Rating).

B737 300-900  Type Rating Training  with MCC Program Overview:

  • System Ground Course via Internet Access: 60 hours minimum.
  • System Ground Course including a test: 22 hours, 3 days in a classroom.
  • MCC theory: 22 hours, 3,5 days.
  • Performances and Operational Course including test, Upset Recovery and FMS trainer: 38 hours 5,5 days in a classroom.
  • Cockpit Procedures Trainings: 2 days, 12 hours.
  • Taining in Fixed Based Simulator: 3 session of 4 hours, plus 3 hours for briefing and debriefing.
  • Training in Full Flight Simulator: 8 sessions of 4 hours, plus 3 hours for briefing and debriefing per session.
  • A Skill Test in Full Flight Simulator: 3 hours for a single trainee and 4 hours for a crew.
  • Flight Phase: 6 landings including 2 full stop landings.

Optional Modules: 

  • Emergency and Evacuation: 3 hours  30 min in special facility
  • Low Visibility Operations: 6 hours ground course and 4 hours in full flight simulator.