F70/100 Multipilot Type Rating Course

This course is designed to provide the essential knowledge and enhance the skills of candidates who wish to obtain their type rating on the F70/100. After completing this course, a student shall be able to have a complete mastery of the aircraft, by comfortably being able to maneuver, follow procedures, and make educated decisions.

Entry Requirements for F70/100 Type Rating:

  • 70 hours as PIC (Pilot in command)
  • Frozen ATPL
  • ME-IR (Multi Engine - Instrument Rating)
  • MCC (Multi Crew Cooperation)

F70/100 Type Rating Training Program Overview:

  • System Ground Course: 52 hours minimum.
  • Performances and Operational Course including test, Upset Recovery: 28 hours 4 days in a classroom.
  • FMS briefings: 10 hours.
  • Training in Fixed Based Simulator: 5 sessions of 4 hours, plus 3 hours for briefing and debriefing per each session.
  • Training in Full Flight Simulator: 6 sessions of 4 hours, plus 3 hours for briefing and debriefing per session. 1 more session if First type Rating.
  • A Skill Test in Full Flight Simulator: 3 hours for a single trainee and 4 hours for a crew.
  • Flight Phase: 6 landings including 2 full stop landings.

Optional Modules: 

  • Crew Resource Management Course: 7 hours in a classroom.
  • Emergency and Evacuation: 3 hours  30 min in special facility.
  • Low Visibility Operations: 6 hours ground course and 4 hours in full flight simulator.