MCC (A) Training Course

Multi Crew Cooperation Course (MCC) aims at training pilots in accordance with EASA and SACAA (South African Civil Aviation Authority) aviation standards and requirements. All our courses are certified by the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) or by SACAA.
MCC TRAINING COURSE Multi Crew Cooperation

1. The Aim of Multi Crew Cooperation Course (MCC) 

This course is mandatory to meet entry requirements for aircraft type rating courses. The main aim of the course is to develop and improve communication and non-technical skills, such as managerial skills and, very important, capability to work in a team. Students practice the skills that are necessary to be effective team leaders and members. During the training the students are crew members sharing in the pilot flying (PF) and the pilot not flying (PNF) roles. 

2. The MCC Program description 

The course consists of: 

  • 30 hours, 4,5 days of Ground School including 7 hours of Crew Resource Management Training.
  • 5 sessions, 20 hours in Fixed Base of Full Flight Simulator plus 3 hours of briefing and debriefing per each session.

The Course develops the following topics: 

  • Authority, Leadership and Functioning
  • Personalities, Attitude issues, Motivation
  • Effective and Clear Communication During Flight
  • Crew Co-Ordination Procedures
  • Checklists usage
  • Mutual Supervision, Information and Support
  • Call-Out Procedures
  • Operation of Aircraft Systems
  • Crew Member Roles and Responsibilities During Normal & Abnormal Operations.