MD82 Type Rating Course (SACAA)

This course is designed to provide the essential knowledge and enhance the skills of candidates who wish to obtain their type rating on the MD82. After completing and passing this course, a student will be able to operate the aircraft, with a working knowledge of the airplane, its systems, procedures and flows, and manage the aircraft within its designed parameters. This allows to operate as a proficient Captain or knowledgeable, compliant First officer.

Entry Requirements for MD82 Type Rating:

  • a valid Pilots licence.
  • Should the student not have MCC, TCAS, RVSM and GNSS/RNP, these will be mandatory training during the course.
  • We accept pilots from varying backgrounds and levels of experience.

MD82  Type Rating Training Program Overview:

  • System Ground Course: 80 hours, 10 days Technical classroom training including performance and flows.
  • Training in Full Flight Simulator: 7 sessions of 4 hours, plus 2 hours for briefing and debriefing per session. 
  • This includes a Skill Test in Full Flight Simulator.

Optional Modules: 

  • Crew Resource Management 
  • TCAS
  • RVSM
  • Primary Recurrency
  • Secondary Recurrency.