Following the spread of COVID-19 in Europe and the obligatory measures announced by the French government
on Monday, March 16th, SIMAERO will adapt its operations to continue to serve our clients and ensure its mission towards air travel safety.

                                                                                                                                                    Roissy en France, March 17th, 2020 


To comply with the governmental restrictive measures, SIMAERO will apply the following operational measures, effective as of today March 17th, for at least 2 weeks, pending further governmental decisions: 


  •     The Paris Training Center will be open from 8am to 7pm by default. Simulator planning will be open for booking during slots 2 and 3. Clients will be contacted to rearrange bookings already made accordingly, and on a case by case basis some slots may be maintained outside the default timeframe. 

  •     SIMAERO’s staff on site will be strictly limited. Only the necessary technical and sales management staff will be present.  

  •     Commuting to and from the training centers requires every individual to hold a certificate stating the reason for his trip. Formal templates are made available to our clients, including a version with English guidelines. The regulation imposes that this template must be signed by each individual every day. 

  •     SIMAERO is reinforcing cleaning measures to ensure safe operations for our clients and staff, in particular regarding the disinfection of our simulators. 


Tanguy Tostivint, General Manager of SIMAERO France, underlines: ‘’We are committed to working diligently to ensure safe operations under the current restrictive measures imposed by the various government for everybody’s health. We are committed to working with the minimum required staff on site, and strengthened hygiene measures. We understand the difficulties this situation may cause to our clients and are working to adapt to this fast-evolving situation.” 


SIMAERO, operating 18 full flight simulators and an EASA Approved Training Organization for pilots, will do everything possible to assist to its worldwide base of over 100 clients in 65 countries, even in the most difficult circumstances.