Following the execution of a partnership agreement in January 2020, Simjet will represent SIMAERO Services in Australia as well as participate in pilots training process. 

27 JAN 2020

The first B737 Australian crews have already finished their type rating in SIMAERO’s Paris Training Center. The modern training equipment and instructors’ methods were very much appreciated by the Australian trainees. 

According the agreement, SIMJET will deliver part of the training in its offices in Brisbane for A320, B 737, ATR 72, F100 aircraft types. The company will act as a SIMAERO agency for the other aircraft type rating trainings, notably for Boeing 757/767 and Airbus A330/340. The partnership will provide pilots based in Australia and surrounding countries a cost-effective training option for Type Rating and MCC courses. 

“We are very pleased to welcome SIMJET in our partner network! We have already enjoyed the professionalism of its management and we feel very comfortable that SIMAERO clients from Australia will be well served”, said Eric Renault, Chairman of Simaero. 

“SIMJET are proud to now offer SIMAERO’s pilot training services, as they are competitive and of the highest quality. We sincerely hope to be able to install modern training devices in our premises in Brisbane to facilitate locally more of the training process and satisfy even more clients expectations”, added Nick Kranenburg, Managing Director at SIMJET. 

Currently partners are working on the project of Fixed Base Simulator installation in Brisbane. 


SIMAERO is an independent provider of flight simulator capacity, flight crew training, simulator leasing services, engineering and consultancy to commercial airlines and simulator operators, with operations in France, South Africa and China. With 19 simulators in operation across its international network, SIMAERO can provide a comprehensive range of training solutions for Airbus A320, A330, A340; Boeing 737, 757, 767; ATR 500, 600; ERJ 145; Beech 1900; Dash 8; MD80/82; Fokker 28, Fokker 100. SIMAERO Training Organization for pilots is certified by EASA and has further been certified by many other civil aviation authorities’ qualifications including South Africa, China, Russia, UAE, Ukraine. 

SIMJET are specialists in training solution development for commercial airline customers, individual pilots and military operations. We also provide simulator solutions for our clients across the world. Utilizing latest technologies, we provide high value training and simulator solutions to exceed client expectations.