Zhengzhou, China

Zhengzhou Training Center

Simaero Zhengzhou Training Center is located near Zhengzhou Xinzheng airport, around 30 minutes drive.

The Training Center is fully adapted to pilot training:
  • 8 bays for simulators
  • 8 briefing-debriefing rooms, all air-conditioned and equipped with all necessary training aids
  • 4 classrooms for ground school and 1 special CBT classroom 12 stations
  • Business Center Access
  • Rest, snacks, meals, and forum area

The Training Center is open for training 24/7. 
Customer Service is open every day from 09h00 till 17h00.

Additional Services available:
  • Visa support
  • Special Accommodation Deals for Simaero clients
  • Dedicated lockers
  • Assistance with meals reservation and catering organization
  • Zhengzhou and other cities sightseeing brochures and information

Parking is free of charge, and electric cars charging stations are available.

Our Available Simulators

Boeing 757

Boeing 767

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