Daher has selected Simaero as a partner of choice to deliver their factory-approved training services in Europe.

The EASA-certified Simaero Approved Training Organization and Daher have created dedicated training programs to provide owners and operators of TBM aircraft with the knowledge and skills to operate these aircraft most safely.
All of Simaero’s flight training programs on TBM aircraft are conducted by highly experienced instructors at Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrenees (LFBT) airport.


QC - tbm class-rating

The EASA approved class rating TBM SET  (Single Engine Turboprop) requires the completion of a qualification course. Based on the license (EASA or FAA)  and pilot skill level, this training will be conducted according to the pilot’s previous experience and competency, following one of three tracks described hereunder for a maximum training of six days:

  • Track one – Pilots with a minimum of 500 hours, but no turbine engine time
  • Track two – Pilots with 1,000 hours and turbine engine experience;
  • Track three – Pilots with existing class or type ratings.
Ground Training
  • Theoretical training: 3-5 days, concluded by a written exam. Minimum passing score: 75 correct answers out of a 100-question multiple choice questionnaire.

  • If G1000 training is required, a Garmin System Trainer (GST) is used to provide initial training and a skill test also is performed to confirm knowledge of the pilot on the Garmin system.

  • Pilots also will receive a training kit for self-learning/training beforehand.
In-flight Training
  • This part of the training is provided “in aircraft,” using the owner’s airplane or a rented TBM. Courses are conducted by experienced instructors.

  • Practical training (with a minimum of 10 hours in flight, covering all aspects from low-speed handling to Instrument Flight Rules/IFR flight).

  • At the completion of flight training, a check ride will be performed to confirm the pilot’s TBM knowledge and flying skills.

For more information and updates on training possibilities, please send an email to ato@sim.aero. 

TBM Flight familiarization

A 3-day course for aviation professionals who need to understand the TBM aeroplane and its systems.


A High-Performance Aeroplane (HPA) ground course is mandatory for EASA PPL(A) holders to fly an aeroplane classed as a High-Performance Aeroplane, such as the TBM, before entering the SET TBM class-rating course.

The aim of the HPA ‘Theoretical Knowledge’ (HPA TK) course is to provide sufficient knowledge to the pilot to understand topics inherent to this category of airplanes. Systems such as pressurization, performance, and human physiology are described during a one-day instructor session (presential or distance learning).
The training session is aimed at the practical application of a simulated flight which cumulates in a 40-question online paper. Once the HPA is completed, a certificate is issued and the trainee can start the QC TBM SET course.


Simaero’s Approved Training Organization provides a comprehensive range of pilot training solutions for Airbus, Boeing, ATR, and other fleets. Our ATO is approved by the EASA and more than 40 other civil aviation authorities.


The TBM family is high-performance single-engine turboprop aircraft manufactured by Daher. Agile and equipped with state-of-the-art technology, these French-manufactured private aircraft can take you everywhere.

To know more about our partner Daher, and the TBM aircraft, visit their website:

Picture credits: ©Eric Magnan and ©Alexandre Magnan for Daher