Our Talents

Simaero’s talent community consists of more than 200 people, including aviation experts and freelance instructors. 

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Working Together

At Simaero, we understand that achieving success in business requires a strong team. We are proud to say that our team members are not only highly skilled professionals, but also excellent team players who are friendly, kind, and passionate about aviation.

We value the benefits of a flat hierarchy, open communication, and the ability for team members to find personal fulfillment in the challenging projects we undertake. Our team spirit, commitment to building expertise, and multicultural environment are key elements that allow us to consistently deliver exceptional solutions for our clients.

In 2022, Simaero’s talent community includes over 200 aviation professionals, both full-time and freelance instructors, many of whom have been with the company for over a decade.

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities within Simaero are diverse and exciting. Discover the spirit of Simaero and make your next career move today!

Social Responsibility

Simaero is committed to the professional and personal development of human capital. We are engaged to invest in our people, to promote people development and training. The group encourages its employees to excel in their field through the development of their technical capabilities and their soft skills.

Everyone is important. We pay attention to how our people are treated. Mutual respect is embodied in everyday relations between colleagues. We care about the welfare of our employees and do our best so they can benefit from work conditions that respect their health and safety. We welcome local cultures and particularities wherever we have activities and with whoever we work with. Simaero strongly promotes tolerance and open-mindedness.

We are convinced that each employee should benefit from all the opportunities that we can offer. That is why, we ensure the access of all women and men despite their age, disability, ethnic origin, or political or religious beliefs to the same opportunities and rights (career opportunities, training, fair remunerations, etc.).

  • Any form of discrimination regarding gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, ethnic origin, political or religious beliefs.
  • Any form of psychological or sexual harassment.
  • Any kind of breach of the regulations related to Human Rights, child labor or modern slavery.
  • any act of corruption, any advantage, whatever its nature (money, gift, travel, job …) in order to obtain or grant any improper advantage in exchange.

We carry out our activities in accordance with all laws and regulations related to human rights, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nation Conventions on the Rights of the Child, and the OECD and United Nations Convention on child labor, forced or compulsory labor and any form of modern slavery.