Simaero Innovation Lab

At Simaero, we firmly believe innovation will make pilot training evolve for good.

Wisdom ATR difference course

Wisdom: our Learning Management Plateform

Wisdom is Simaero’s developed learning management platform, accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world, where there is an internet connection.

Wisdom provides a full range of theoretical courses such as type rating programs. 

This innovative concept in the pilot training industry was initiated in order to provide clients from all around the world with an efficient solution to continue pilots’ training during the global pandemic as well as to offer a modern and cost-effective tool to deliver theoretical instruction.

The system allows pilots to conduct their theoretical training without traveling to a training center, and at a pace fitting their often complex schedule. They can contact the responsible instructor through distance communication at any time if they have questions.

Since July 2020, Simaero clients have begun to use the system and the feedback is very positive: quick and easy access to an intuitive online platform, which is adapted to all internet browsers and IOS and Android platforms of all devices such as computers, notebooks, iPads, tablets, smart telephones, allowing real-time monitoring of trainee progress and providing reduction of costs for companies and trainees, optimising the rotation of teaching personnel and allowing to save time and expenses of all concerned parties.