In January 2020 SIMAERO was selected by Chongqing Yuxiang Aviation Flight Training to relocate its Boeing 737NG FFS simulator to relocation from Urumqi to Zhengzhou. The project was successfully completed from the 6th April to the 5th of June 2020, under the special circumstances of the Covid-19 crisis.

                                                                                                             22 JUN 2020

SIMAERO team was composed of its permanent Chinese engineers running the project in China, with the remote assistance of the company engineering team in France. The simulator has been successfully certified by Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC).

“We are honored to be chosen by Yuxiang Aviation Flight Training for the relocation of B737NG full flight simulator to HNCA Aviation Training Center. This project has been exciting and successful. Thanks to SIMAERO French and Chinese engineering teams for succefully completing the project during the Covid-19 crisis. I would also like to thank Yuxiang and HNCA, as well as our partners, Feiyu, Elephant, and Wright Brothers, for the great assistance and support”, said Nicolas MOUTE, CEO of SIMAERO.

On the 14th of June HNCA has organised a celebration of new training center’s opening and the Boeing 737NG simulator has officially started its operations. Following the Successful Relocation of Boeing 737NG Full Flight Simulator SIMAERO and HNCA have decided to unite forces to develop together commercial pilot training business in China. During training center’s opening ceremony, and witnessed by the leaders of CAAC, HNCA Development & Investment and Chinese airlines, an agreement whereby Simaero will become the partner of HNCA to provide simulator maintenance and relocation engineering service was signed.

 B737NG simulator relocated by Simaero

“In April 2020, both, China and France, encountered sudden coronavirus outbreaks. Facing many difficulties and challenges, SIMAERO has managed  the simulator engineering team and subcontractors in China, fought side by side, seized every minute and second and carefully relocated the simulator from Xinjiang to Zhengzhou for a distance around 3200 Km. I believe that this successful project will be the beginning of a variety of potential cooperation between HNCA and SIMAERO in the future!”,-  said Rui Shao, Vice General Manager of HNCA Aviation Training Center. 

SIMAERO is continuing to invest in dedicated team based in China to address simulator engineering market. After this important milestone, SIMAERO will continue to develop its presence in the growing Chinese market as well as in the rest of the world.


SIMAERO is a global independent provider of flight simulator capacity, flight crew training, simulator leasing services, engineering, maintenance and consultancy to commercial airlines and simulator operators, with operations in France, South Africa and China. With 19 simulators in operation across its international network, SIMAERO can provide a comprehensive range of training solutions for Airbus A320, A330, A340; Boeing 737, 757, 767; ATR 500, 600; ERJ 145; Beech 1900; Dash 8; MD80/82; Fokker 28, Fokker 100. SIMAERO Training Organization for pilots is certified by EASA and has further been certified by many other civil aviation authorities’ qualifications including South Africa, China, Russia, UAE, Ukraine. 

Henan Civil Aviation (HNCA) Aviation Training Center is the first transport aviation flight training organization in Central China certified by CAAC. After its first B737NG simulator enters into operation on 14 June 2020, it will continue to install 7 simulators in 3 years. Its wholly-owned shareholder is HNCA Development & Investment Co., Ltd, which is a Chinese state-owned company investing in different filed related with civil aviation, such as air transportation, air logistics, aviation training, general aviation, aviation manufacturing, and aviation real estate etc. 

Chongqing Yuxiang Aviation Flight Training Co.,Ltd is a third-party training center implemented in Chongqing China specializing mainly in A320 and B737NG flight training and crew training services.