SIMAERO is very glad to announce that Bulgarian Air Charter has successfully completed its first series of pilot training on its newly certified MD80/82 Full Flight Simulator. 

We would like to present our gratitude to the SIMAERO team for the professionalism and perfect attitude during our pilots’ stay in Dinard, in French Brittany. As per feedback from our crews, the attitude of the staff in SIMAERO Training Center was nice, courteous and in general the organization was on high level. Our pilots completed their training in a smooth manner. We also would like to thank SIMAERO for the great help in organization of the different kinds of transportation, hotel accommodation assistance, information providing and readiness to help us in any issue or query we had. It was really precious for us to have this help, as this was a completely new organization for us and SIMAERO managed to help us quite much in the familiarization with the local processes, organization and rules in France, especially in this difficult and strange situation related to COVID-19 disease.”, said Georgi Mladenov, Operation Department, Bulgarian Air Charter.

SIMAERO has obtained EASA in March 2021 the certification for its MD80/82 Full Flight Simulator, the only one operated in Europe,. This was highly expected by Bulgarian Air Charter, the largest MD82 operator in Europe 

Once again, SIMAERO demonstrates its customer focus. Our technical team has mobilized and put a lot of efforts to prepare this MD80/82 Full Flight Simulator for EASA certification on time, despite the adverse context. With a scarcity of MD80/82 training devices, our clients needed a training solution as soon as possible, SIMAERO was able to meet these expectations by providing this training solution and giving special assistance during covid pandemic.” explains Nicolas Mouté, CEO of Simaero. 

Applications for trainings on our EASA-certified MD80/82 Full Flight Simulator are open. Feel free to contact us at contact@sim.aero to book your sessions. 

SIMAERO is an independent provider of flight crew training, simulator leasing services, engineering and consultancy to commercial airlines and simulator operators. With 19 simulators in operation across its international network in Paris, Dinard and Johannesburg, SIMAERO provides a comprehensive range of training solutions for Airbus A320, A330, A340; Boeing 737, 757, 767; ATR 500, 600; ERJ 145; Beech 1900; Dash 8; MD80/82; Fokker 100. SIMAERO Training Organization for pilots is certified by EASA and numerous other civil aviation authorities, including South Africa, Russia, India among others.