Career opportunities within SIMAERO are diverse and exciting. Discover the spirit of SIMAERO and make your next career move today!

Why join SIMAERO? 

  1. International, multicultural environment and growth opportunities.
  2. Dynamic and ambitious team.
  3. Friendly, supportive colleagues.
  4. Exciting projects and professional development.

SIMAERO is constantly looking for professional people to work together.


1.  Technical Maintenance 

Our flight simulator technicians perform all maintenance actions on the flight simulators. This includes performing preventive maintenance tasks, database updates, troubleshooting actions, spare parts stock management and other similar tasks. You may be interested to work here if you have an education in aeronautical maintenance (aircraft maintenance, workshop, industrial maintenance and similar).  Besides direct maintenance tasks, employees in technical teams interpret electrical, electronic, wiring and technical documentation diagrams, evaluate, isolate and repair various failures, use measurement / test equipment; actively participate in Quality surveillance systems. Technicians have an opportunity to use programming skills, to expand knowledge in automatic systems and aeronautical engineering fields. Due to regular communication with crews, technicians shall be able to demonstrate customer focus and provide adequate client support in technical maintenance environment. 

2. Commercial Development & Marketing

Our Commercial and Marketing team has an important role in promoting SIMAERO to the international markets, propose SIMAERO products and solutions, investigate and anticipate customer needs, build strong clients relationships, create strategic partnerships and find new business opportunities. Deep knowledge of the aviation market and a good understanding of its evolution and trends are required in order to manage SIMAERO's solutions and proposals. The main objective is to create real value for our clients. 
Together with marketing specialists, the team ensures that our customers know our organization thoroughly and have confidence in us when it comes to the field of aviation simulation training.


3. In Customer Service 

Team members of our Customer Service department actively participate in our daily business activities, implement our training operations, take care of international corporate and private clients. Customer Service employees track every training booking, register simulator sessions, allocate classrooms and instructors, fill in appropriate training administration files and keep close contact with the clients. The mission is to achieve customer satisfaction, exceed their expectations and provide a constant world-class customer service experience.


4. In Administration and Accounting

People in Administration and Accounting share various tasks from invoicing, financial documents registration to financial analysis, forecasting and reporting. Pilot training has a complexity of various elements and provides an opportunity to create personalised methods for success measurement and cost control surveillance. Ambitious growth projects require abilities to forecast business indicators in different parts of the world.

5. In Quality Assurance and Training Organisation 

Managed by the Compliance Monitoring Manager and Head of Training, the employees in Quality and Training departments have responsibility to ensure and even exceed the EASA and customer requirements. The tasks include leading the development of maintenance and engineering regulatory policies, pilot training syllabuses, technical quality systems, safety management systems and procedures. Quality Surveillance and Training Organisation’s Systems are under continuous maintenance, development and improvement processes, which require follow-up on remedial actions and effective monitoring to ensure compliance with all mandatory requirements.

Constant measurement of Key performance indicators, internal audits, finding registration and continuous improvement, as well as monthly reporting are an essential part of activities scope in this department.