Boeing B777 Training Course

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Boeing B777 Training Services Overview

All theoretical training is performed online via our dedicated “Wisdom” e-learning platform.

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Full Flight Simulator Boeing B777 available

All our practical training part is conducted in a full motion level-D flight simulator Boeing B777.

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Online Training

For the theoretical, aircraft systems part, our Wisdom learning platform is accessible from anywhere in the world. The online training courses form the base of our student pre-course material.

Student Community

SIMAERO trainees are invited to join the Sim Trainer One student community for trainees to engage with the SIMAERO pilot fraternity across the globe. Various channels of communication have been set up for the trainees to post or view relevant points of interest. SIMAERO students have permanent access to our community.

Adaptable Training Programs

All our training programs can be adapted according to the requirements of the customer and other civil aviation authorities.

Aircraft Fact Sheet

Long range high capacity wide-body airliner. In service since 1998. Stretched version of 777-200 as replacement of the 747-100/200. Largest twin engine passenger aircraft in the world.

Service Ceiling
43,000 ft
Max Cruise Speed
M 0.84
6009 NM
490 kts
General Electric GE90 /
Pratt & Whitney PW4000
/ Rolls-Royce Trent 800