Engineering Services

SIMAERO Engineering specialises in various Engineering Services related to flight simulation.

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The staff of SIMAERO team has more than 15 years' experience in operations and engineering of various flight simulation devices. Our valuable experience enables us to offer solutions on timely basis, at affordable prices, by creating great value to our customers.

The range of services that we provide starts from technical advice for purchasing new or used flight simulators, proposed relocation of the acquired devices, consultation and performance of any type of upgrade and quality improvement. Moreover, we offer our expertise in opening new training centres.

Why Us? 

Our main avantages are:

  • SIMAERO is independent of any airline and any manufacturer of simulation devices or aircrafts. Our choices are driven by the best balance between quality and price.
  • SIMAERO has been operating a fleet of CAE, Thales, Flight Safety International, Sim Industries, Mechatronic, Venyo, TRU simulators. Thanks to our highly qualified engineering human resources and wide network of free-lance specialists we are confident to assure technical maintenance of any simulation device produced by any manufacturer in the world.
  • We have the know-how to set up from scratch a full training center. We have already opened 4 training centres and the fifth one is in progress. 

SIMAERO Engineering has a solid experience of relocating different types of simulation devices. We manage the full projects from dismantling/ packing/shipping/assembling up to certification in the new location. 

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SIMAERO Engineering has gained a valuable experience in performing various upgrades & renewals of flight simulators. During the last 12 months SIMAERO has implemented the following upgrades:

  • change of Image Generator,
  • implementation of TCAS II,
  • implementation of EGPWS.

Moreover, as we have the experience of building simulator facilities and running simulators, we know exactly what the key requirements are to have an efficient training facility. We work with local building engineers giving them all technical specifications required to run properly the simulators (special concrete, air conditioning, water chilling system, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic rooms, computer rooms, etc.). We also design the centre and supervise the construction if that is required. The building design is extremely important as errors have a direct impact on the training centre's performance and its running costs. 

Appropriate training equipment selection is another strategic decision for potential clients' training needs. SIMAERO will do a deep analysis and demonstrate a business project plan with such factors as the price of new and used simulators, technical maintenance costs, risk of future technical problems, operational costs and simulators' utilisation rate in line with new aircraft deliveries. The scope of the project depends on the customer's vision and goals. Is it a total training cost reduction? Is it better utilisation of pilots’ duty times? Is it just economic benefit, or other factors are important? The final project will contain all necessary information to take a final decision about types of training equipment needed and budget required.

Whatever are your demands do not hesitate to contact SIMAERO Engineering to discuss your needs and get the first consultancy for free of charge.

Our engineering solutions include:

Full Flight Simulators Relocation
Flight Simulators Upgrades & Renewals
Upgrade or Renewal, Consultation Only
New Training Center Project
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