Job Posted: 04/26/2024

Job Description


Simaero is looking for an experienced IT Manager. 


In general, the IT Manager will have various strategic and operational missions: ensuring and overseeing the proper functioning and optimization of information systems within the company’s strategy and more generally the group’s. He/she will be responsible for executing IS projects with different departments. As a business partner, he/she will also identify all employees’ needs and advise both the general management and the business units in determining their IT policy. They can articulate constraints, establish budgets, and determine project timelines up to implementation, ensuring that all aspects are respected.

The IT Manager will be responsible for the portfolio of IT user projects, support, the proper functioning of computer systems, from servers to networks to workstations. They will optimize existing tools and process and educate on their optimal usage. They will be actively involved in implementing the new ERP and new tools allowing for productivity improvement, new activity development, innovation, etc.

The IT manager will drive the optimization of various Simaero application solutions and the proper functioning of IT structures. This is an opportunity to build on the advisory role they have played as a project lead to lead the entire IT function in all its dimensions.

This hybrid position is preferably based in Roissy en France, but can be also based in another location. The IT Manager will notably :

✓ Lead IT projects and overseeing their implementation:

  • Planning and prioritizing ongoing deployment projects or those to be launched based on business needs and technical performance and security constraints.
  • Taking on an IT sponsorship role for major IT transformation programs, such as the ERP implementation project.
  • Develop tools with external service providers
  • Providing IT reporting to management.
  • Defining methods, standards, and tools, and overseeing their deployment.
  • Keeping abreast of technological developments and making recommendations to management.

✓ Steering and monitoring:

  • Managing the IT budget: ensuring control over budgets related to SI evolutions.
  • Planning activities and ensuring adherence to schedules.
  • Identifying technologies, making technical choices, and selecting providers.
  • Propelling an appropriate project methodology for each situation (from small-scale production to large projects).

✓ Ensuring the coherence and evolution of information system:

  • Managing infrastructures.
  • Participating in updating documentation related to the use of IT tools. Training users and providing them with necessary assistance for proper usage.
  • Managing the network (internet, servers), computer park, and fixed and mobile telephony.
  • Overseeing the technical support provider.
  • Assisting users and optimizing work methods, which may include training users on office tools (Office/Teams, etc.).
  • Defining all necessary internal communication means for implementing new IT projects.


  • Four-year bachelor’s or foreign equivalent degree in computer science, engineering, business or related field
  • Demonstrated ability to manage service providers and budget management.
  • Excellent mastery of SaaS/CLOUD logic and a good understanding of new technologies and programming languages.
  • The candidate demonstrates a strong overall level, strategic vision, and sharpness in understanding business/field challenges. They will be able to position themselves as true Business Partners.
  • Possessing excellent interpersonal skills, negotiation doesn’t intimidate them; they handle it with tact and diplomacy and make decisions when necessary.
  • Demonstrating resilience, showing tenacity in the face of challenges and relentlessly pursuing their efforts.
  • Excellent communication and formalization skills with both expert and non-expert audiences.
  • Supporting the growth of a dynamic and high-performing company

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