Our instructors

SIMAERO is proud of its instructors network of more than 100 international professionals, highly-qualified and type rated for SIMAERO simulators, holding university degree in the respective fields of aviation and engineering. Most of SIMAERO instructors are working in airlines and operating on commercial aircraft. Based on their solid experience and their aircraft piloting skills, they are tasked with the theoretical teachings in classrooms and practical trainings in simulators.

Most of our instructors are EASA licensed. SIMAERO also ensures a team of instructors approved by foreign civil aviation administrations are available to train local pilots in compliance with local regulation and airline specific training programs.

Type Rated Instructors acting for SIMAERO perform the following duties: 

  • Ground school training according to SIMAERO manuals and EASA procedures; or according to training programs of the airline customers approved by their local civil aviation authority. 
  • Simulator training sessions in compliance with SIMAERO manuals or specific training requirements of the customers and appropriate civil aviation authorities.
  • Rigorous management of the flight training documentation according to SIMAERO procedures or customers' requirements as approved by their civil aviation authorities. 

SIMAERO's instructors are asked to comply with the following:

  • Hold, or have held, a professional EASA license for relevant type rating; 
  • Previous strong instructor's experience as a SFI, or TRI, or LCTI, preferably in simulator training environment.
  • Operational level English language proficiency with excellent pronunciations skills (ICAO level 4).
  • Teaching culture, administration and presentation skills, motivation, ability to work with a team. 

All Instructors are required to attend on a regular basis, the internal initial and recurrent instructors familiarisation courses. They are organised well in advance and all instructors must participate in order to maintain their instructor status at SIMAERO. To maintain a high level of proficiency all instructors are continuously trained and checked according to regulation updates and customers’ policies.