On 15th November of 2019 Marie-Joseph Malé, Chief Executive Officer of Air Austral, Guillaume Branlat, Chairman of the Board of SA ARRG and Eric Renault, Chairman of SIMAERO, signed a memorandum of understanding laying the foundations of the project including the beginning of operations expected by September 2021.

This new center will facilitate the training not only for Air Austral pilots but also those of other airlines, the aim being to offer the best training solution to foreign pilots operating in Africa & Asia.

The project launched by SIMAERO makes this A220 flight simulation center the 3rd in the world and the first A220 simulator in the Southern Hemisphere.

“Beyond the fact that Air Austral and Air Madagascar will soon acquire A220-300, the probable sale of other units in Africa and Asia militate for the establishment of an approved training center in the south. This center will thus be used to train Air Austral pilots, as well as all airline pilots approved by the international and European authorities in Africa and South East Asia,” commented Eric Renault, Chairman of SIMAERO.

“This A220 flight simulation center to be created by SIMAERO will undeniably contribute to the reputation of Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean as well as will help to promote our island at the global level. We are starting today a complex and extraordinary adventure alongside our partners SIMAERO and Roland Garros Airport, “said Marie-Joseph Malé, Air Austral President and CEO. The flight simulation training center by SIMAERO will operate with one A220 simulator at the launch and will be sized to accommodate up to 3 additional simulators.


SIMAERO is a global, independent provider of flight simulator training to airlines, training organisations and commercial pilots. The group operates 18 flight simulators between Paris, Dinard and Johannesburg and provides services to over 100 civil and military clients from more than 65 countries.
Headquartered in Paris, France,  SIMAERO’s Approved Training Organisation for pilots is certified by EASA as well as by many other civil aviation authorities including South Africa, China, UAE and Russia. Our full flight simulators and training solutions cover a comprehensive range of aircraft types including Airbus A320, A330, A340; Boeing 737, B757, B767; ATR 500, 600; ERJ 145; Beech 1900; Dash 8; MD80/82; Fokker 100, Fokker 28.