SIMAERO cares about everyone’s health!
The best way to check if implemented health measures are efficient and practical is simply to self-test them.

Nicolas Moute, CEO of SIMAERO, Head of Training Patrice Galinier and Assistant of Head of Training Noura Amrouche have been reviewing health measures in place in our training centers, here in our Airbus A320 full flight simulator. 

The mandatory masks cannot hide wide smiles – SIMAERO is very happy to welcome back its customers as they resume their operations throughout the world.

Pilots coming for training at Simaero will benefit from the experience of Simaero as our CDG center has been operating continuously during the lockdown. Our staff is taking care of all health measures including simulator disinfection between sessions, and our clients only have to comply with industry standard measures including wearing face masks and disinfecting hands with sanitiser gel present throughout our facilities.

We look forward to welcome you, with a smile in the eyes!