SIMAERO informs its customers and all associated parties that pilot training as a professional activity is exempted from the French government’s decision to apply curfew measures at night. 

Roissy en France, October 19th, 2020

The French government has announced a curfew regime which applies in large cities including the Paris region, from 21h to 6h, starting from 18 OCT and planned for 4-6 weeks. Pilot training is not affected by these restrictions, as it is concerned as a part of professional activity. 

SIMAERO will issue to clients’ pilots the required certificate required as needed to access of leave our Paris center between 21h and 6h. Our Dinard center is not affected by this decision.


SIMAERO remains open 24 hours 7 days a week and provides full access to all simulators as usually.
SIMAERO booking policy has been adapted to address client needs in the current ever-changing international travel restrictions.
Booking modifications due to travel restrictions are accepted free of charge until the official announcement about the end of restrictions. In this context, the close cooperation from the clients’ side is expected. 


SIMAERO customers from different parts of the world outside the Schengen Area have been granted special entry permits by the French Interministerial Crisis Center (CIC), allowing them to come and train at our Paris / Dinard facilities. The procedure is very similar to that one of the requests for invitation letter for visas application. Every trainee must provide the following documents:
– Pilots license copy
– Passport copy
– Incoming and departing flights
– Hotel name in France
– SIMAERO confirmation of training reservation.
More information can be obtained by email

In line with the industry best practices, and governmental recommendations, the following measures are enforced in our Centres in Paris and Dinard, and must be complied with by staff, clients and visitors:
Measures applicable to all (staff and visitors)
• Wearing a face mask is mandatory in all premises and at all times.
• Hand cleaning (through regular soap & hydroalcoholic gel made available throughout the buildings) is mandatory on a regular basis and in any case upon entering the Training Centres.
• Social distancing: no personal contact (eg. greetings) and respect of a minimum 1m distance at all time.
• Access to the centres is forbidden to people having a fever (above 38°C)
• Office attendance is reduced to improve level of safety and compliance with health measures. However, our customer service work as usual.
• Regular cleaning & ventilation of the premises (including areas with frequent hand contact such as handrails and door knobs).
Simulator-specific cleaning & health
• Simulators are wiped before each session.
• Anti-virus is sprayed once a day.
• Face mask is mandatory for all people within the simulator.
• Wipers and hydroalcoholic gel are made available in every simulator.