SIMAERO, a global and independent provider of pilot training services, is proud to announce the acquisition of the Airbus Helicopter – Super Puma AS332 M 1 Full Flight Simulator which will complete the existing fleet in SIMAERO Johannesburg Training Centre. 

22 OCT 2020, Johannesburg, South Africa

The simulator, manufactured by Thomson CSF, was initially set up in Switzerland and moved to our Johannesburg training center in 2009, when its owner Airbus Helicopters entrusted SIMAERO for the Housing and Maintenance of this device.

Keith Roseveare, General Manager of SIMAERO Johannesburg training center, commented “This cooperation and deal is an excellent example of SIMAERO’s advantage to be chosen as the preferred partner for Housing and Maintenance. Not only our maintenance quality is of the highest standard, but we also offer clients the opportunity to anticipate and manage their options upon contract termination. Purchase options are an example of how clients can exit efficiently an asset otherwise costly to relocate.”.

The Helicopter – Super Puma AS332 M 1 Full Flight Simulator Airbus corresponds to level DG according FAA AC 120-63. It offers Evans and Sutherland 5 channel projection 200°-60° visual system, MAKILA 1A1 engines, motion system with the vibration platform, NADIR MK2 Avionics FMS, autopilot, GPS, WX-radar and LVTO, Recency training, Checks, Type Rating, Zero flight time, auto-coupled approach capabilities.  Visual system has a choice of the most popular military airports. 

“The ability to serve military customers is very important part of SIMAERO strategy”, says Nicolas Mouté, CEO of SIMAERO. “This acquisition helps us to diversify our clients’ portfolio as well as to prove that SIMAERO is one of the most important global aviation training providers”.

According the acquisition agreement, SIMAERO and Airbus Helicopters will continue their collaboration to ensure a smooth transition for customers until April 2021, from when the training will be provided directly by SIMAERO.  During this transition period, SIMAERO will begin to offer training solutions to potential new military customers all around the world.


SIMAERO is an independent provider of flight simulator capacity, flight crew training, simulator leasing services, engineering and consultancy to commercial airlines and simulator operators. With 19 simulators in operation across its international network in Paris, Dinard and Johannesburg, SIMAERO can provide a comprehensive range of training solutions for Airbus A320, A330, A340; Boeing 737, 757, 767; ATR 500, 600; ERJ 145; Beech 1900; Dash 8; MD80/82; Fokker 100. SIMAERO Training Organization for pilots is certified by EASA and also reached successfully other civil aviation authorities qualifications including South Africa, China, Russia, UAE, Ukraine and many others.